Top Tips For Advertising Your Event

At Netreal Entertainment you know we love massive events from parties to live music nights.

But it’s not so fun when only a few people show up! Not to mention being a lot less financially successful.

This is why advertising your event effectively is so important. Contact us to talk about how best to advertise your event.

There are a lot of events, festivals and shows out there in Edinburgh which means a lot of competition for people’s time and attention.

Having an advertising strategy in place means you have the best chance of getting the maximum number of people to your event and maybe even completely sell it out!

Sold out event in Edinburgh

Here are our Top Tips for Advertising Your Event

  • Networking – Word of Mouth is simple, it’s free and it works. However there’s a limit to the number of people you can talk to about the event. Great in combination with other advertising.
  • Online Advertising & Social Media – A great way of getting the message out to a large number of people, especially young people who are the most avid users of social media. The people who are following you on social media are the people most likely to be interested in your events so make sure you let them all know what’s going on.
  • Outdoor Advertising – For maximum exposure buy some outdoor advertising for example on the sides of a bus or at railway stations. Click here to find out more about outdoor advertising in Edinburgh.
  • Branding – why not order some personalised merchandise to get your event branding out there? There are all sorts of products available from mugs to mouse mats to key rings and bags. Order online here.
  • Leaflets – The most obvious example of this is during Edinburgh Festival Fringe when the Royal Mile is packed with people leafleting their shows. It’s a great way to get people’s attention and start a conversation with them about your event. Find out about leaflet distribution in Edinburgh.

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